Business breakfast at the Novotel Hotel, organised by the Honorary Consul of Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Azamat Syrgabayev

The Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia, Mr. Syrgabayev hosts regular business breakfasts that are becoming more and more significant in Kazakhstan’s diplomatic and economic community.

These gatherings are becoming an exclusive venue where diplomats and business executives from various countries can discuss important facets of cooperation and deepen understanding between nations.

General and honorary consuls from Slovenia, France, Belgium, Germany, USA, Sweden, Hungary, Armenia, Mexico, Greece, Morocco, Dominican Republic, Thailand, Belarus, and Slovakia were present at the business breakfast. The diversity of the participating nations and their representatives highlights how crucial these kinds of gatherings are to the development and maintenance of global connections as well as long-term collaboration.

A wide range of topics were covered, including political and economic ones that were specifically connected to Kazakhstan’s economic growth and appeal to investors.