Business Breakfast

Regular business breakfasts organized by Mr. Azamat Syrgabayev, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Slovenia, are gaining an increasingly significant role in the world of Kazakhstan's diplomatic and business community.

These events have become a unique platform for representatives from various countries, including diplomats and business leaders, to jointly discuss key aspects of cooperation and the strengthening of international understanding.

At the latest business breakfast, attended by Consuls General and Honorary Consuls representing countries such as Slovenia, Lithuania, Belgium, Germany, the United States, Sweden, and Hungary, the diversity of countries and their representatives emphasized the importance of such events for establishing and expanding international relations and long-term cooperation.

The spectrum of topics under discussion included political and economic issues, particularly those related to the economic development of Kazakhstan. In addition, the guests expressed words of respect and extended their best wishes to Mr. Ferenc Blaumann, whose diplomatic mission is coming to an end this year.

One of the pressing topics of discussion was also the challenging geopolitical situation in the world, associated with conflicts in neighboring regions and their impact on Kazakhstan's economy.