Ceremonial awarding of the Royal Order to the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Thailand, Mr. Mirgali Kunayev

On May 12th, a solemn award ceremony was held to confer the Royal Order upon Mr. Mirgali Kunayev, the Honorary Consul of the Kingdom of Thailand in Kazakhstan. This event marked the strengthening of ties between Kazakhstan and Thailand and recognized Mr. Kunayev's outstanding contribution to the development of diplomatic relations between the two countries.

The award ceremony was attended by representatives of various institutions (the UN Representation in Almaty, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Representation in Almaty, the Benelux Chamber of Commerce) and members of the Society of Honorary Consuls representing countries such as Belgium, Monaco, Sweden, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Iran, India, Malaysia in Kazakhstan.

This ceremony serves as a shining example of how diplomatic relations between countries can be strengthened through the efforts of honorary consuls and diplomatic communities. The conferral of the Royal Order upon Mr. Mirgali Kunayev symbolizes deep respect and recognition of his efforts in strengthening ties between Thailand and Kazakhstan. This event underscores the importance of diplomacy and international cooperation in the modern world and serves as an incentive for further development of friendly relations between nations.