Grand opening of the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic in Almaty

On April 28, an important historical event took place for Kazakhstan and the Slovak Republic - the solemn opening of the Honorary Consulate of the Slovak Republic. This significant event brought together representatives of both countries and created favorable conditions for the development of diplomatic relations and cultural exchange.

The opening ceremony was attended by distinguished guests and diplomats, including the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to the Republic of Kazakhstan, His Excellency Robert Kirnag, the Head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Representation in Almaty, Bakytzhan Bulegenov, the Chairman of the Board of the Society of Honorary Consuls, Denis Van den Weghe, the Deputy Head of the Mission of the Embassy of the Slovak Republic, Branislav Gradski, the Chairman of the Maslikhat of the city of Almaty, Meirzhan Otynshiyev, the Head of the Department of Political Cooperation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Almaty, a representative of the United Nations Department of Global Communications, the Deputy Head of the Association of Kazakh Diplomats, and others.

Additionally, representatives of general and honorary consulates of various countries attended the ceremony, indicating a broad interest in strengthening cooperation with the Slovak Republic. Among them there were representatives of Hungary, Lithuania, Germany, the United States, France, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, as well as Belgium, Belarus, Slovenia, Armenia, Monaco, Indonesia, Thailand, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Greece, Iceland, Senegal, Croatia, Austria, and Singapore.

This significant event marks a new stage in the development of friendly relations between Kazakhstan and the Slovak Republic, emphasizing the importance of diplomatic activity in strengthening ties between nations. The opening of the Honorary Consulate opens up new opportunities for cooperation in various areas, including politics, economics, culture, and education. It also reaffirms the commitment of both countries to deepen their friendly relations and cooperation on the world stage.

The Slovak Honorary Consulate in Almaty promises to serve as a bridge between the two countries, fostering cultural exchange and cooperation in various fields.