Business breakfast organized by Mr. Azamat Syrgabayev, Member of the Board of the Society of Honorary Consuls

A member of the Board of the Society of Honorary Consuls, Mr. Azamat Syrgabayev, organized a business breakfast that brought together important guests from the world of diplomacy and business. The business breakfast was attended by General and Honorary consuls representing different countries, including Sweden, Slovenia, Belgium, Armenia, USA, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary and Germany.

The breakfast was held in a friendly and informal atmosphere, which allowed the participants to freely discuss various issues and share experiences. Such meetings are an important platform for establishing contacts between diplomatic representatives of different countries and the business community, contributing to the strengthening of mutual understanding and cooperation.

The topics discussed covered a wide range of issues, from economic and trade relations to cultural exchange and joint initiatives. These meetings emphasize the importance of diplomatic ties and open dialogue to strengthen international relations and mutually beneficial cooperation.

Initiatives such as the Business breakfast will continue to strengthen ties and promote long-term cooperation between countries and the business community.